Thursday, October 18, 2012

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PrizeLive Description
Prize Live is a pay-per-action membership site that allows members to earn cash and game credits through such activities as clicking on advertiser links and completing offers. This program offers different levels of membership, and also has a referral system in place. Members can earn cash and credits from their own activities and the activities of their downlines.
PrizeLive Detailed Overview
One of the first things that you’ll notice about the PrizeLive website is that it is well-designed. Though this isn’t the basis from which you can judge a pay-per-click site, it at least tells you that they did their best to make it easy to navigate.
As a member of PrizeLive, you have the opportunity to make money in a few different ways. The easiest way is to simply click on links to go to websites, but this is also the way that gets you the least amount of points. What is really pushed is signing up for offers, which is not unusual with a pay-per-click site.
When you sign up for offers at PrizeLive, you’re told ahead of time how many points you will get for each sign-up. The more involved the sign-up process, the more you are rewarded. Through your activities, you can earn points and game credits. You can redeem points for cash, with 1 point equaling $.01. Game credits are for playing games on the site only. When you play games using your game credits, however, you can earn points when you win. When you are going for points, you play games against other members. When you sign up for offers, you usually earn both points and game credits.
There are 4 membership levels at PrizeLive, starting with the free level and going up to Elite level at $45 per year. The higher the level, the more points and game credits you can earn daily, and the higher the commissions you get from your referrals’ earnings.
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PrizeLive Reputation
So far, PrizeLive is enjoying a good reputation. Members are reporting that they’re getting paid, and in a timely manner. For a PTC program, this is the most important thing. There’s a forum on the site where members can compare notes with each other, and that’s a good indication that everything the program does is legitimate. You won't make a full-time living through membership with this program, but you can definitely make some extra spending money. Though fairly new on the scene, it may prove to be one of the more popular PTC programs if it keeps delivering the way it does now.

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